MilReg CIM_1600_2 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of CoastGuard regulation CIM_1600_2 DISCIPLINE AND CONDUCT?
The purpose of CoastGuard regulation CIM_1600_2 DISCIPLINE AND CONDUCT is to establish guidelines and regulations regarding the discipline and conduct of CoastGuard personnel, ensuring professionalism, integrity, and maintaining a positive work environment.

What does the regulation cover?
CIM_1600_2 DISCIPLINE AND CONDUCT covers a wide range of topics, including general principles of conduct, investigations, disciplinary actions, grievance procedures, equal opportunity, and reporting violations.

How does the regulation define misconduct?
Misconduct, as defined in CIM_1600_2, refers to behavior that is inconsistent with the CoastGuard’s core values, code of ethics, or policies, and includes actions such as negligence, insubordination, harassment, or any criminal activity.

What disciplinary actions can be taken under this regulation?
CIM_1600_2 outlines a range of disciplinary actions, depending on the severity of the misconduct, including counseling, oral reprimand, written reprimand, suspension, reduction in rank, and dismissal from the CoastGuard.

How are investigations conducted under this regulation?
Investigations under CIM_1600_2 are conducted by designated individuals or units following a fair and impartial process. The investigation aims to gather all necessary facts, interview witnesses, and provide a comprehensive report to determine if wrongdoing occurred.

Can CoastGuard personnel file grievances under CIM_1600_2?
Yes, CoastGuard personnel have the right to file grievances under CIM_1600_2. The regulation provides guidelines on the grievance process, from the initial filing to the resolution by appropriate authorities.

What does the regulation say about equal opportunity?
The regulation highlights the CoastGuard's commitment to equal opportunity, prohibiting any form of discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation. CIM_1600_2 provides procedures for reporting and addressing any instances of discrimination.

What should I do if I witness a violation of CIM_1600_2?
It is important to report any violations witnessed under CIM_1600_2. You should document the incident, gather evidence if possible, and report it to your supervisor or the appropriate designated authority outlined in the regulation.

Are there any provisions for protection against retaliation?
Yes, CIM_1600_2 includes provisions to protect individuals who report violations or cooperate in investigations from retaliation. It is strictly prohibited to take adverse actions against those who act in good faith when reporting misconduct.

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