MilReg CIM_1000_3A Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of regulation CIM_1000_3A?
Regulation CIM_1000_3A sets forth the guidelines, procedures, and requirements for officer accessions, evaluations, and promotions in the Coast Guard.

Who does regulation CIM_1000_3A apply to?
This regulation applies to all officers in the Coast Guard, including active duty, reserve, and auxiliary officers.

What does officer accession mean?
Officer accession refers to the process through which individuals join the Coast Guard as commissioned officers. It includes recruitment, selection, and appointment.

What are the evaluation requirements for Coast Guard officers?
Officers are evaluated on their performance, leadership abilities, and adherence to regulations. Evaluation reports are conducted regularly as per the guidelines outlined in regulation CIM_1000_3A.

How are officers promoted in the Coast Guard?
Promotion in the Coast Guard is based on a combination of factors, including time in service, performance evaluations, completion of required training, and meeting eligibility criteria outlined in CIM_1000_3A.

What are the eligibility requirements for officer promotions?
Eligibility requirements for officer promotions vary depending on the rank being considered. They typically include meeting specific time in service, completing required professional education, passing promotion examinations, and receiving positive evaluations.

Can officers be promoted earlier than the usual promotion timeline?
Yes, officers who demonstrate exceptional performance, leadership, and possess unique skills can be considered for early promotion as per the provisions outlined in CIM_1000_3A.

Can officers be denied promotions?
Yes, officers who do not meet the required eligibility criteria or fail to demonstrate satisfactory performance and leadership may be denied promotion.

Can officers appeal promotion decisions?
Yes, officers have the right to appeal promotion decisions through the established appeal processes outlined in regulation CIM_1000_3A.

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