MilReg AR 600-8-10 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Army regulation AR 600-8-10?
Army regulation AR 600-8-10 is a document that provides guidance and regulations for leaves and passes for Army personnel.

Who does Army regulation AR 600-8-10 apply to?
Army regulation AR 600-8-10 applies to all Active Army, United States Army Reserve, and Army National Guard Soldiers, unless otherwise stated.

What is the purpose of leaves and passes?
The purpose of leaves and passes is to provide Army personnel with authorized time off for rest, recuperation, personal reasons, and transition between duty stations, while maintaining the readiness of the force.

How many types of leaves are covered by AR 600-8-10?
AR 600-8-10 covers two types of leaves: ordinary leave and advance leave.

What is ordinary leave?
Ordinary leave is a nonchargeable absence granted to Army personnel for personal reasons, including personal convenience, rest, recuperation, emergency, or other similar purposes.

What is advance leave?
Advance leave is chargeable absence granted to Army personnel when ordinary leave is not sufficient or available. However, it must be approved by the commanding officer.

What is a pass?
A pass is a nonchargeable absence from post or place of duty, granted to Soldiers for a short period, usually for short-term rest and recuperation, family matters, or participation in organized sports activities.

How long can a pass last?
A pass can last up to a maximum of 4 consecutive days, including weekends and holidays.

Can leaves and passes be extended?
Leaves and passes may be extended in certain cases, subject to approval by the commanding officer, and must be supported by sufficient justification.

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