MilReg DAFI36-2502 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of AirForce regulation DAFI36-2502 Enlisted Airman Promotion and Demotion Programs?
The purpose of this regulation is to establish the policy and procedures for promoting and demoting enlisted Airmen in the United States Air Force.

Who does this regulation apply to?
This regulation applies to all enlisted Airmen in the United States Air Force.

What are the primary factors considered for promotion of enlisted Airmen?
The primary factors considered for promotion include time-in-service, time-in-grade, and demonstrated job performance.

How often are promotion eligibility lists (PEL) established?
Promotion eligibility lists are established biannually, typically in January and July.

Can an Airman be promoted if they are not on the promotion eligibility list?
No, only Airmen who are on the promotion eligibility list are eligible for promotion consideration.

What are the different promotion categories in the Air Force?
The different promotion categories are: below-the-promotion zone, in-the-promotion zone, and above-the-promotion zone.

Are there any waivers available for promotion requirements?
Yes, waivers for promotion requirements may be granted on a case-by-case basis, but only under exceptional circumstances.

Can an Airman appeal their promotion eligibility status?
Yes, Airmen have the right to appeal their promotion eligibility status through the Air Force Board for Corrections of Military Records (AFBCMR).

How does the demotion process work for enlisted Airmen?
The demotion process involves an investigation, notification, opportunity to respond, decision-making, and documentation of the demotion action.

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