MilReg AR 600-81 Frequently Asked Questions

What is AR 600-81?
AR 600-81 refers to Army Regulation 600-81, which outlines the Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP).

What is the purpose of AR 600-81?
The purpose of AR 600-81 is to establish policies, procedures, and responsibilities for the SFL-TAP program. It aims to assist Soldiers in transitioning from Army life to civilian life successfully.

Who does AR 600-81 apply to?
AR 600-81 applies to all Active Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve Soldiers, as well as Department of the Army (DA) civilians and their family members.

What can Soldiers expect from the SFL-TAP program?
The SFL-TAP program provides Soldiers with valuable resources, tools, information, and counseling necessary for a successful transition into civilian life. This includes job search assistance, education and training opportunities, and financial planning advice.

When should Soldiers begin utilizing the SFL-TAP program?
Soldiers are encouraged to start utilizing the SFL-TAP program no later than 12 months before their separation or retirement date.

How long does the mandatory pre-separation counseling last?
The mandatory pre-separation counseling, under the SFL-TAP program, must be conducted at least 90 days before the expected separation or retirement date and typically lasts a minimum of three hours.

Can Soldiers attend SFL-TAP services while on leave or pass?
Yes, Soldiers are authorized to attend SFL-TAP services while on leave or pass. However, it is recommended to coordinate with the SFL-TAP Center to ensure availability and scheduling.

Are Soldiers required to complete the Department of Labor (DOL) Employment Workshop?
Yes, attendance at the DOL Employment Workshop is mandatory for all eligible Soldiers who are transitioning out of the Army. Exceptions must be approved by the first General Officer or Senior Executive Service (SES) in the Soldier's chain of command.

What benefits are available for transitioning Soldiers under the SFL-TAP program?
Transitioning Soldiers may be eligible for various benefits, including medical and dental care, education and training assistance, financial planning services, employment assistance, and VA benefits.

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