MilReg AFI36-128 Frequently Asked Questions

AFI36-128 is an Air Force instruction that provides guidance and procedures for setting pay and allowances for Air Force personnel.

Who is responsible for implementing AFI36-128?
The Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) is responsible for implementing AFI36-128.

What does AFI36-128 cover?
AFI36-128 covers topics such as basic pay, special pays and allowances, entitlements, pay actions, pay adjustments, and other related pay matters.

What are some examples of special pays and allowances covered by AFI36-128?
Examples include aviation career incentive pay, hazardous duty incentive pay, special duty assignment pay, hostile fire pay, hardship duty pay, and imminent danger pay.

How are pay adjustments determined under AFI36-128?
Pay adjustments, such as promotions, reenlistment bonuses, and time-in-grade increases, are determined based on established criteria and specific regulations outlined in AFI36-128.

How does AFI36-128 address pay actions?
AFI36-128 provides guidance on various pay actions, including initial pay setting, pay increases, pay retention, and pay reduction.

What entitlements are covered under AFI36-128?
Entitlements covered by AFI36-128 include housing allowances, subsistence allowances, clothing and uniform allowances, and travel allowances.

Can service members receive multiple special pays and allowances simultaneously?
Yes, service members can receive multiple special pays and allowances if they meet the eligibility criteria for each.

Is AFI36-128 applicable to all Air Force personnel?
Yes, AFI36-128 applies to all Air Force military personnel, including active duty, Reserve, and National Guard members.

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