MilReg AFI10-701 Frequently Asked Questions

What is AFI10-701?
AFI10-701 refers to the AirForce regulation on Operations Security (OPSEC). It provides guidelines and procedures for safeguarding sensitive information and preventing potential risks to AirForce operations.

Who does AFI10-701 apply to?
AFI10-701 applies to all AirForce personnel, including military members, civilian employees, contractors, and anyone with access to AirForce information systems or operations.

What is the purpose of AFI10-701?
The purpose of AFI10-701 is to ensure the protection of sensitive information, prevent threats or attacks against AirForce operations, and maintain operational security across all levels of the AirForce.

What are the key elements of OPSEC according to AFI10-701?
AFI10-701 identifies five key elements of OPSEC: identification of critical information, analysis of threats, assessment of vulnerabilities, development and execution of countermeasures, and evaluation of OPSEC effectiveness.

How should AirForce personnel handle sensitive information according to AFI10-701?
AFI10-701 requires AirForce personnel to handle sensitive information using appropriate security measures such as limited access, encryption, password protection, and proper destruction methods when necessary.

Can personal social media usage impact OPSEC?
Yes, personal social media usage can impact OPSEC. AFI10-701 advises AirForce personnel to be cautious about sharing operational details, locations, or sensitive information on public platforms as they may be exploited by adversaries.

What should be reported as potential OPSEC incidents?
AFI10-701 instructs AirForce personnel to report any suspicious activities, unauthorized access attempts, information leaks, or potential breaches of OPSEC to their immediate supervisors or the appropriate authorities.

How often should OPSEC training be conducted according to AFI10-701?
AFI10-701 recommends conducting OPSEC training at least annually for all AirForce personnel. However, specific units or positions may require more frequent or specialized training as deemed necessary.

Can OPSEC be applied in both military and non-military settings?
Yes, OPSEC principles outlined in AFI10-701 can be applied not only in military but also in non-military settings, such as government agencies, private organizations, or any context where sensitive information or operations need to be protected.

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