MILPERSMAN 1730-020 Immunization Exemptions for Religious Beliefs
MilReg MILPERSMAN 1730-020 Frequently Asked Questions

What is MILPERSMAN 1730-020?
MILPERSMAN 1730-020 is a Navy regulation that addresses immunization exemptions for religious beliefs.

Who is eligible for an immunization exemption under MILPERSMAN 1730-020?
Any Navy personnel who hold genuine and sincere religious beliefs that prohibit immunizations are eligible for an exemption.

What is the process for obtaining an immunization exemption?
To obtain an immunization exemption, Navy personnel must submit a written statement requesting an exemption based on their religious beliefs to their commanding officer.

What should be included in the written statement requesting an exemption?
The written statement should include an explanation of the religious beliefs that prohibit immunizations, along with a statement affirming that the beliefs are genuinely and sincerely held.

Can a commanding officer deny an immunization exemption request?
Yes, a commanding officer has the authority to deny an exemption request if they believe the religious beliefs expressed are not genuine or sincere, or if granting the exemption would create an undue operational risk.

What happens if an immunization exemption is granted?
If an exemption is granted, the Navy personnel will be exempted from receiving specific immunizations. This will be noted in their immunization records.

What if a Navy personnel's religious beliefs change after being granted an immunization exemption?
If a personnel's religious beliefs change, they should notify their commanding officer promptly. The exemption may be reviewed and potentially revoked if the new beliefs no longer prohibit immunizations.

Are there any consequences for having an immunization exemption?
No, having an immunization exemption based on religious beliefs will not negatively impact promotions, assignments, training, or career progression.

Can an immunization exemption be revoked by the Navy?
Yes, the Navy has the authority to revoke an immunization exemption if there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the personnel's religious beliefs are no longer genuine or sincere or if the exemption poses an undue operational risk.

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