MILPERSMAN 1300-310 Overseas Extensions
MilReg MILPERSMAN 1300-310 Frequently Asked Questions

What is MILPERSMAN 1300-310 Overseas Extensions?
MILPERSMAN 1300-310 is a Navy regulation that provides guidance and procedures for extending overseas assignments for Navy personnel.

Who does MILPERSMAN 1300-310 apply to?
MILPERSMAN 1300-310 applies to all Navy personnel eligible for overseas assignments and seeking to extend their tours of duty.

Can I apply for an overseas extension if I am currently stationed outside of the United States?
Yes, MILPERSMAN 1300-310 covers overseas extension requests for personnel stationed both within and outside of the United States.

Is there a minimum or maximum length for an overseas extension under MILPERSMAN 1300-310?
Yes, the minimum extension length is six months, and the maximum extension length is 24 months.

How can I request an overseas extension?
Personnel seeking an overseas extension must submit a written request through their commanding officer using the appropriate form as outlined in MILPERSMAN 1300-310.

Do I need to provide a reason for requesting an overseas extension?
Yes, personnel must provide a compelling reason for the extension in their written request, such as mission requirements, family needs, or career development opportunities.

Can my overseas extension request be denied?
Yes, commanding officers have the authority to deny overseas extension requests if they determine that it is not in the best interest of the Navy or the individual.

Are there any restrictions on overseas extensions for sailors with high-demand assignments?
Yes, MILPERSMAN 1300-310 states that sailors on high-demand assignments, such as submarine duty or special warfare, may have additional restrictions on overseas extensions.

Will I receive any additional compensation or benefits during an overseas extension?
Depending on the specific circumstances, personnel approved for an overseas extension may be eligible for additional entitlements, such as cost-of-living allowances or overseas housing allowances.

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