MILPERSMAN 1300-300 Overseas/Remote Service General Information
MilReg MILPERSMAN 1300-300 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of MILPERSMAN 1300-300?
MILPERSMAN 1300-300 provides the regulations and guidelines for Navy personnel regarding overseas/remote service assignments.

Who does MILPERSMAN 1300-300 apply to?
This regulation applies to all active duty Navy personnel and reservists on active duty who are assigned or selected for overseas/remote service.

What is considered an overseas/remote service assignment?
An overseas/remote service assignment refers to any duty location outside the United States, its territories, and possessions, where the member is unable to return home on a daily basis.

Can family members accompany Navy personnel on overseas/remote service assignments?
In most cases, yes. The Navy provides support for family members to accompany personnel on overseas/remote assignments, subject to certain limitations and eligibility criteria.

How long is a typical overseas/remote service assignment?
Overseas/remote service assignments usually have a minimum duration of 12 months. However, some assignments may have shorter durations based on operational needs.

Does Navy personnel receive any additional allowances or benefits while on overseas/remote service?
Yes. Personnel on overseas/remote service assignments are entitled to various allowances, such as cost-of-living allowance, overseas housing allowance, and separation allowance. Additionally, they may also qualify for benefits like educational support for dependents.

How is the tour length for overseas/remote service determined?
The tour length for overseas/remote service is determined by the Navy policy and may vary depending on the duty location, mission requirements, and individual circumstances.

Can Navy personnel volunteer for an overseas/remote service assignment?
Yes. Personnel can volunteer for overseas/remote service assignments, but the final decision on assignment of personnel is ultimately made by the Navy and is based on the needs of the service.

Are there any limitations or restrictions on overseas/remote service assignments?
Yes. There may be limitations on accompanying family members, based on host nation agreements, logistical considerations, or security restrictions. Additionally, certain medical, legal, or personal conditions may impact eligibility for overseas/remote service.

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