MilReg AR 601-210 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Army regulation AR 601-210?
The purpose of AR 601-210 is to provide policies and procedures for the Regular Army and Reserve Components Enlistment Program.

Who does Army regulation AR 601-210 apply to?
AR 601-210 applies to all personnel involved in the enlistment program, including Recruiting and Retention personnel, applicants, and the Regular Army and Reserve Components.

What is the definition of the Regular Army?
The Regular Army consists of officers, warrant officers, and enlisted personnel who are on active duty and serve full-time.

What is the Reserve Component?
The Reserve Component consists of the Army National Guard of the United States and the Army Reserve.

Can an individual enlist in both the Regular Army and Reserve Component at the same time?
No, an individual may only enlist in either the Regular Army or the Reserve Component.

Are there any age restrictions for enlistment?
Yes, there are age restrictions for enlistment. The specific age limits are outlined in AR 601-210 and can vary depending on the branch and component which the individual wishes to enlist in.

What are the physical requirements for enlistment?
The physical requirements for enlistment are outlined in AR 601-210 and cover aspects such as height, weight, vision, hearing, and overall physical fitness.

Can non-U.S. citizens enlist in the Army?
Yes, non-U.S. citizens can enlist in the Army under certain conditions. These conditions and requirements are outlined in AR 601-210.

Are there any education requirements for enlistment?
Yes, there are education requirements for enlistment. The specific requirements vary depending on the level of education the individual has completed, as outlined in AR 601-210.

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